It's our birthday!

The Story of Planet Vintage Girl and Insitu.

Once upon a time, a Yank girl moved to Manchester. She had an online shop called Planet Vintage Girl. She was looking for a space to launch a vintage homewares shop. Nothing really existed like this in Manchester at the time, given the closure of the famous Ginnel Gallery and the demise of some short-lived enterprises. Some people told the Yank girl to open a stall at Afflecks Palace. But this place was Too Eclectic. Other people told the Yank girl to open a stall at Levenshulme Antique Village. But this place was Not Eclectic Enough. Then Laurence Green of Insitu said “Why don’t you rent some space from me?” And this place was Just Right.

Laurence and I are often asked, “What is the deal between Planet Vintage Girl and Insitu?” “Are you married?” “Are you business partners?” No, we are not married, nor are we business partners. The answer is that we are two separate and distinct businesses that fit “just right” together. The businesses are both headquartered at the former Turville pub at 252 Chester Road in central Manchester. Laurence owns the building and Laura rents space from him. We share office space, work collaboratively on projects, and are inspired by the expertise of a few key specialists. Both Planet Vintage Girl and Insitu are based on shared underpinnings of good design and quality materials. We both solve design problems offering unique one-of-a-kind products to inspire people’s homes, restaurants, bars, shops, department store windows, photo shoots and even the occasional TV or film set.

We’re glad you are a part of our fairy tale! And may architectural salvage, vintage and antiques live happily ever after.