About Us

Laura Gaither, the owner of Planet Vintage Girl™ (UK & USA) and Vintage Girl Antiques™ (US), has been collecting 20th Century objects for over 30 years. She loves how the priorities and beliefs of different eras translate into design aesthetics.

“I’ve always been a 20th Century girl. Earlier stuff has just never held my interest. Plus I felt it was possible to speak with people who fondly remembered these pieces.”

Laura has a B.A. in American History and an M.A. in American Studies, specialising in visual media. She also has an A.A. in interior design, with a keen interest in architectural salvage and planet_largesustainable products. Her first insight into running a top-notch antique business occurred while working at The Brass Knob, Washington DC’s acclaimed architectural antiques store. As an international antiques consultant, she has provided expertise for a variety of global organisations.

For environmental & aesthetic reasons, Planet Vintage Girl sells only original vintage and antiques items. Retro and salvaged items offer fantastic value for money. Why? Because the quality of past materials and construction is far superior to new. Plus the carbon footprint for vintage items is lower because the item is recycled. Owner Laura Gaither has ties both to the architectural salvage field as well as the vintage & retro markets. She’s been a collector since the late 1980s and has been selling formally since 1996.

You can find her curated vintage pieces at Rich Man Poor Man Antiques off the Pacific Coast Highway 1 in Cambria, California or the showroom in San Luis Obispo, California.  Laura was a founder and former Director of The Vintage Emporium (Stockport, UK) CIC, a community interest company that promotes microbusinesses selling vintage and antiques while raising awareness of the benefits of reused and recycled materials.

Article for "The Modernist" by PVG founder Laura Gaither about designer Terence Conran
The Planet Vintage Girl™ Mission Statement
Conduct business with honesty and integrity. 
Do good things in good ways.
Protect the environment.
Recycle and encourage others to recycle.
Live outside of the box